Sunday, August 19, 2012

Classroom Tour 2012-2013!!!

Okay so I think I'm all ready for my little kiddos to come tomorrow morning.  First day of school-this will make my 26th opening of school and I still just LOVE IT!!!!   So here is a little tour of our classroom.

                                                    Our back wall in Dr. Seuss Decor!!!! 
                                                               Our classroom library :)

A view from the back- notice our new SMART BOARD :))

Our math centers!!!!

Behavior Management System!

Our writing Center!!

One of my favorite gifts from a former student!!!

One of my favorite things about our classroom-the VIEW!!!

Happy School Year!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School Cuties!!!

I have been making these little Back to School Cuties for MANY years now!!!  I use them for as Station sticks.  Each child is placed in a flexible group for Guided Reading Stations.  I switch students to groups throughout the year based on data collected at different times. Then at the end of the year each student has a momento of Second Grade to take home.  It's a busy time but I aways enjoy making these!!!