Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hooray for the USA!!!

What a wonderful week this past week has been.  It all began with an historic election.  Our second graders participated in their first ever "mock" election in which they cast their ballots for President Obama or Governor Romney.  Our results were 45/33 for President Obama.  We also read many of our favorite books about elections, including Duck for President and Gracie for President. The girls loved Gracie and were hopeful that someday there would be a woman as our president.
Of course I totally agreed with the girls!!!!

Then at the end of our week we had the most amazing Veteran's Day assembly.  Our school hosted over 75 veterans from every branch of the US Armed Services.  We treated our veterans to two songs performed by our students and presented each with a pin and piece of artwork painted by our third graders.  After the assembly the veterans came back to the classrooms of the children they were related to for question and answer sessions.  In my room alone we had a World War II veteran who was a friend of Col. Paul Tibbits, who flew the Enola Gay which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.  We also had a Vietnam Veteran, a Korean War Veteran, a Gulf War Veteran and a Desert Storm Veteran and many current enlisted men.  What an honor it was to have all of these heroes standing right in my classroom!!!!
Thank you for your service!!!